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For a "flash" animation study on the Mark of the Beast click here.

How it began. What is ahead? What is needed to meet it.

A Sunday law is coming. Is it Constitutional? Is it Biblical?


Reaching the World with God's end time message. For an excellent study on the beast, his number and his mark, go to Library then Prophecy then "The Beast the Dragon & the Women."

Redwood Church

A comprehensive web site concerning the Biblical 7th day Sabbath.

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These Last Days Bible studies.(This site is so popular it receives almost a half a million hits each month).


Check out the American Super Power of Prophecy magazine FREE online for an excellent Bible study on Rev. 14. Also the magazine Time For Joy for a in-depth Bible study on the 7th-Day Sabbath.

Vatican flag
Rome's Challenge

Read this incredible statement by the Roman Catholic Church concerning why most Christians honor Sunday instead of Saturday as the Sabbath. 

Three Angels Broadcasting Network - Watch 3ABN broadcasts on your computer. This broadcast is being transmitted world wide!

Bible Universe, The Ultimate Bible Resource

The ultimate Bible web site.

Virgin Mary Watch:

Does the Virgin Mary have a message for you? Discover the startling truth for yourself! You can read this amazing book FREE online.

The Sabbath Trail

The Sabbath Trail tells the story of the history of the Sabbath from creation to The New Earth and is etched in Granite a  Memorial of the Sabbath of the Lord.

King James Bible Online

From the Bible Gateway.

Health & Healing Sites


Is a Christ centered health education ministry offering wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Lorrain Day M.D.

Alternative therapies for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Weimar Institute

A health and education organization dedicated to improving one's physical,mental, and spiritual well-being

Lifestyle Matters

A health and education outreach of Dane Griffin and Dr. Vicki Griffin.

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