The National Sunday Law book (42pgs) is by far the best
                  book in the world on the MARK OF THE  BEAST.
                   Over 20 million  in print, in 45 different languages.
                      Short--Right to the point--Easy to understand.
  Read this--Take heed--Avoid the 7 last plagues--and eternal death!
                      So you can be with Jesus in Paradise forever.
         This book is FREE online just click on chapter one to begin.

 1.The Two Horned Beast 
 2.The Beast Identified 
 3.The Beast Described 
 5.The Mark of the Beast 
 6.The Image of the Beast 
 7.The Global Conflict 

SPECIAL NOTICE: Please remember this while reading National Sunday Law.  In July of 1998 Pope John Paul II issued an apostolic letter to the world entitled Dies Dominei which means the Lords Day, in it  he's calling for National and Universal Sunday laws and he says "all violators should be punished as heretics".